Thursday, May 10, 2007

Essay plan 1

Account for the popularity of one genre of your choice. Illustrate your answer with examples. (June ‘03a)

Genre- Slasher movies.

Psycho-‘Alfred Hitchcock’- A prototype for slasher movies and create certain traits for the genre. Has similarities with later slasher movies,such as haunted house, parent/ child relationship e.g. Friday 13th.

Scream- A postmodern film containing postmodern aspect giving slasher a new style.Postmodern traits include explicit reference to other slasher movies e.g the mask.

Social issues which have influenced the popularity of slasher movies include:

A nightmare on elm street- Three boys who diedin their sleep due to what they saw in their dreams
The Ed Gein killings- Texas chainsaw massacre. Changes within labour industry.
Conventions which are familiar to audiences and which they can identify with are what makes the genre of slasher popular- Codes and conventions, repetition and variation.

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