Thursday, May 10, 2007

Essay plan 2

“The audience may know what to expect, but are still excited by genre texts.” To what extent is this true? (June ‘05a)

Carol Clover and final girl-a acharacter whom is always expected. However in Scream girl has sex but is still final girl- reflecting changing attitudes in society.

Neale- Repetoire of elements.

Group of teenagers.

Uneffective authority figures.

Parent/ Child realtionship.

Sex, drugs alcohol-death.

Set pieces- Chase by the killer, usually on the final girl e.g. texas chainsaw massacre and woods scene.

Masked killers- Scream mask
Male killers apart from Jason’s mother in Friday 13th.

Sequels = the decline of the genre. Audiences are no longer excited by genre texts.The ‘Freddy’ and ‘Jason’ franchise failed to ‘excite’ the slasher audience. The audience become desensitized to the films and Kruger, with his one liners and dark humour, became a parody of himself.
Audience do not know what to expect as genres are flexible- Maltby as they reflect the zeitgeist which is always changing.

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