Thursday, May 10, 2007

Essay plan 3

Recent developments in genre have included the emergence of parody, pastiche and hybrid forms. Show how such developments have influenced the nature of media texts.

PARODY:a composition that imitates somebody's style in a humorous waymake a spoof of or make fun of.
HYBRID: Two or more genres being used in one single text.

A prime example is scream for example the use of the killer using the telephone, borrowing such elements from other films is an aspect of postmodern cinema, the audience is therefore able to identify with aspects they recognise from previous films and engage within the film.

Scream is a hybrid film as it contains elements from more than one genre. This includes teh masked killer and the final girl mixed with elements form a teen movie. This relates to Rick Altman where he says that 'there are no pure genre films anymore' and that all hollywood films are hybrids.

In many films there are direct references to 'Psycho.'

‘Scream’ allows the audience to identify with the killer. The audience sees Billy interacting with Sydney; somewhat mirroring Norman Bates’ interaction with Marion Crane.

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