Monday, January 29, 2007

Self evaluation

Attainment- 1I’ve understood what we’ve been taught for module 5 and 6 and it has interested me as i can relate to the topics so i work harder

Effort- 2 my effort is of a good standard however i can be a bit lazy sometimes

Punctuality-1My punctuality is always good

Submission and quality of homework-2I always do the homework and it is of a good quality however my blog gives me many problems so sometimes sir can't even see it!

Ability to work independently- 1I work well independantly

Quality of writing-2I think my writing is of an average standard and there is always room for improvement in writing!

Organisation of Media folder -2Everythings in my folder just not in the right order.

Oral contributions in class -1I alwyas join in discussions!

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