Monday, March 19, 2007

self evaluation

2-I have understood what has been taught in the course so far.

2-Media is the subject which i put most of my effort into as i enjoy it however sometimes i can slack.

1-Always on tiem but i sometimes need 2 go to the loo so i need to start goin before the lesson,lol.

Submission and quality of homework
2-Most of the time is done well and on time but there are sometimes where i haven't for genuine reasons!

Ability to work independently
1- i work well on my own.

Quality of writing
1-I am able to express my writing clearly for media.

Organisation of Media folder
2/3- Has become better recently due to mocks but could still be more organised.

Oral contributions in class
1- I alwyas contribute to class discussions when i can,when my tooth is not hurting!

Standard of Module 5 and 6 blog
2=Could be much better!

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