Sunday, February 11, 2007

Blog Evaluation

1. How easy has it been to set up your Independent Study blog and to get used to posting things on it? Were you given enough support in doing it? What other help would have been useful?
I think it was pretty easy setting up a blog for teh independant study because we were used to it from last year but my blog is a bit mad so i had to make a new one which was annoying.

2. How did the blog help with your research? Did the blog motivate you to do more and better research? How? Why?
Yes, it helped because you were able to look at how much work everyone else had done and so it scared you to do as much as them!

3. Is it useful having all the Independent Study/blog tasks posted on the Macguffin blog? Does it make it more likely that you will get them done?
Yes, it acts as a reminder to get the work done and it provides detail for what the work is. If you get stuck you can look at other people's work to help you know what to do.

4. How often (honestly!) do you check the Macguffin blog? (Remember, it should be at least twice/week).
About twice a week.

5. Has it been useful being able to see and access everyone else’s research and planning through their blogs?
Yes because it gives you an idea of what to do and how much to do. Other people's research can be used in your study aswell so its very helpful.

6. How do you feel about the fact that your teacher can keep a close check on your progress through accessing your blog? Is it too intrusive and controlling or is it encouraging and supportive?
Its good because you know you have to do it! It is encouraging and can provide alot of support.

7. How useful have the comments been that you received from…a. Macguffin, b. other students.
Other people's comments were encouraging and motivating.

8. How has the blog helped with your essay planning? How useful was the blog when it came to writing the essay? Do you think your first draft is better because you have used a blog?
Its helpful because all of your research is stored in one place whereas if it was done without a blog,there would be bits of paper here, there and everywhere.

9. How would you evaluate the quality of your blog? What could you have done better?
Could be better.

10. Do you think you will get a better final grade for your independent study through having used a blog?
Don't know, will have to wait and see,
11. Which are the best three blogs? Why?
Everyone's blogs are good, some better than others. Alice, Jatinder, Heena, Anika's and Kalpan's are particularly good.

12. Do you think next year’s Year 13s would benefit from setting up an Independent Study blog?
Definitely, it will be very useful for them and will help them alot.

13. Are there any negative aspects to preparing for an Independent Study using a blog?
No, apart from if your blog is messed up, like mine's!

14. What could be done to improve teaching and/or learning in future through blogs?
Get more feedback from teachers.

15. Overall, are you pleased that we used blogs? Has it been interesting and enjoyable? Why? Why not?
Yes, it hepled with organisation and preperaration.

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